dinsdag 28 mei 2013

Sales Reporting in LedgerSMB 1: A brief overview

This is to kick off a series of posts discussing LedgerSMB sales reporting, what the default capabilities are, and eventually what options there are to extend with additional reports.  I have experience building reports that are viewed either in the application or in Excel or similar spreadsheets.

Reporting on sales is very important for any business.  Different businesses have different needs, but often times the first step is determining what sorts of reports are available.

The reports in LedgerSMB for sales break down basically into a few specific areas:

  1. Per customer reports, particularly customer history
  2. Per part reports, accessed under Parts/Reports.
  3. General reports, for inventory management, PNL reporting, and other purposes.
 We will be posting one report, along with details and walkthrough in regular posts over the next few weeks.  We hope that this will be of interest for regular and prospective LedgerSMB users.

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