zaterdag 6 april 2013

Blog for LedgerSMB users: kicked off by highest monthly downloads since project start

LedgerSMB has seen the higest downloads ever during the past month. With 1662 downloads, April 2007 has finally been beaten.

When comparing the stats it's important to know that the stats from the previous record come from the month the project released its long awaited 1.2.0 release while last month there only was one of a regular stream of bugfix releases.

The conclusion must be that LedgerSMB's star is rising again. With the continuing stream of bugfix releases and usability enhancements for upgrades, the project is visibly showing to be alive and here to stay.

To celebrate this fact Chris Travers and I have decided to start this blog: a place to write about tips, tricks and gotchas in everyday business use.

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